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Hey all! I know I’m a little late with my weekly favorites but they’re here! Anddd I have some pretty awesome new discoveries that are favs!
1. I have never never ever been a blush person…until last week ha! I keep using Renee and Hank’s wedding as an excuse to buy makeup…anyways, this is the perfect nude blush. Ah I love it!
2. I’ve been wanting a pair of TOMS wedges for a while and so I got them for graduation and Easter Sunday and in all honesty they are so cute and versatile so I will be getting a lot of use out of these! PS these are NOT fun to break in but after they have been broken in, they are a dream!
3. Favorite all natural face wash. So. Stinking. Good.
4. Flat hair is always something that I’ve struggled with and it’s always annoyed me and I just picked this shampoo up on a whim and IT WORKS! I feel like it’s so silly to be like “this hair soap gives me volume!” but it seriously does…trust me!
5. I have a problem with my mascara transferring onto my skin and I had been going back and forth about trying this powder or not and SO worth it! Haven’t had a problem since, I did get the travel size of this to test it out but honestly a little bit goes a long way with this product!
That’s all for this week! Hope you enjoyed!
xx Lane

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