The first week of January flew by and if you haven’t sat down to set goals I hope this serves as a reminder and motivator for you!

I thought I would share a little post about a few of my goals and invite you to write yours down somewhere and for 21 days follow through each day to build those habits you long to have instead of always feeling like they are just out of reach.

Here are my goals I intend to turn into habits!

get up early and have dedicated quiet time

When I was in school I would be up and at em but since graduating and just working I have let that slip and stayed in bed till 9am some mornings, which in retrospect isn’t that late but as a morning person i HATE getting up then but I’m always torn between sleep and getting up.

As for quite time, I have been good about not touching my phone until I have done devotions, journaled, and spent time in prayer but I would like to focus more on spending time in quiet as I go through my morning while keeping my hands off my phone and being present and ok with nothing going on and relishing that time of day before the day gets busy.

cut all dairy out

Probably 2-3 years ago I found out that I had a sensitivity to dairy, otherwise known as lactose intolerance and it was a big factor in all the skin issues I have gone through as a teen, gotta love this prime time in life HA. Since then I have taken probiotics and lactase and just kind of ignored it and ate what I wanted and this past fall I feel like I finally got a handle on controlling break outs, eating healthier while finding foods I really love at the same time. This year I want to completely cut out all dairy because I really do feel SO much better when I don’t consume it and you can definitely tell. Also, trying out new foods has been so much fun for me so that’s a big plus!

create an actual workout regime

All through my life I have been VERY active and played sports or danced, at the end of my sophomore year of high school I injured myself then I got a job and just never went back to working out so all my muscle mass dissipated and because of my metabolism I didn’t really feel the need to workout that much. Then the other day I was doing yoga in front of a mirror and was not pleased. Looks are not everything and are certainly not the most important part of who you are but I think it is important to be the best version of yourself that you can possibly be so working out to be a healthier version of myself is what I am aiming for.

Since I used to run and lift weights (like, a lot)  I do not desire to be big and muscular again so I have toned it down and I am doing more yoga, toning workouts, HIIT, and some running to really just tone up, be healthy, and build a healthy love for myself. Cheesy, I knowww but whatcha gon do.

I have several more goals, but this post is already long and some are super personal so this is all for today.

I hope this served as an encouragement to you. Remember: well thought out goals create habits upon action and habits create a lifestyle. Just 21 days. What’s stopping you?

xx Lane

ps my last post has another goal explained and my plan of action, so if you want to check that out feel free πŸ˜‰


3 thoughts on “GOALS MAKE HABITS

  1. Yes. This was encouraging as one key goal for me is to get up on time and yet here I am in bed at 9:30 reading blog posts. Lol The snow storm really has crossed up my motivation. πŸ™‚ But now I’m gonna get up and go do my yoga (one of my new goals) so thanks for reminding me to get back on track. πŸ™‚

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