One of my goals this year is to post something about my faith and get really personal (which tbh freaks me out a little) once a month but it’s something I want to write about and share. So for starters for this “series” I thought I would share what I’m studying!

Right now, I get up and first thing I do after I turn my alarm off is read my devotional The Confident Woman and then write my prayer in my journal, I find it SO beneficial to write what I’m praying about down as I’m praying. I try to focus on one specific area a day and it also allows me to write a little, AND because I write my mind doesn’t wander. I know I’m not the only one haha!

I’m also a part of BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) look it up yo! It’s an intensive study so it really allows you to dig deep. This year we are studying the book of John and what’s cool is it’s a worldwide study so all the BSF groups ALLLLL over the world are studying John! I think it’s cool that people in Europe and Asia are studying the same thing as me!

I seriously have so much to say but I’m stopping myself and I will hold it all in until next my next post BUT I’M SO EXCITED!

xx Lane



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