New year, new me, right? Kinda sorta. I’m doing something a little different in terms of sharing goals this year. I’m introducing my new project and blog segment, The Nine of 10 Bucket List Year!

Let me give you a little insight into why I’m doing a bucket list and why it’s so important to me. My long term boyfriend and I are currently long distance while he’s in college, which is new to us. I am determined not to become a weepy mess while he’s away so I have decided to take this opportunity to do things I’ve never done before, some things just for fun and some that are going to be challenging for me. For example, I have things from going to a museum to taking a self defense class to going to dinner at a fancier restaurant alone and going to a movie by myself. I have a long list of things I want to do whether they be fun or something that is more character building experience-ish.

I’m telling you all this because one, I am so excited about this, it’s an opportunity to do things outside my comfort zone and something to keep myself from just watching Netflix. Two, join in! I want to encourage YOU to get outside your comfort zone this year! And three, I’m going to update y’all each month on what I do on my list (with picture proof!) and write a little blurb about each thing!

The hashtag is #Nof10BucketListYear, be sure to use the hashtag, tag me, and share! I’d love for you to join in and let’s have fun with it!

xx Laney Joy


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