I haven’t forgotten about my bucket list I promise, I’m just a week behind BUT if you’re keeping up with it here’s what I did!

If you haven’t the faintest idea of what I’m speaking of (oh the drama!) check out this post first and thenΒ January’s recap.

Everything I did off the list revolves around food (sorry but I love to eat) BUT I’m checking off two huge things off my list in March eeek! I’m so excited and I can’t wait to reveal what they are next month!


SUSHI WITH THE GIRLS: we’ve been wanting to get sushi together for MONTHS and we finally did and it was delicious, i could honestly eat sushi everyday and not get sick of it. so fun to be able to get dinner together and catch up!


READ IN A COFFEE SHOP: when i go to a coffee shop it’s to meet someone and chat or work on my laptop so i put this on the list with the intention of sipping my drink, reading, and staring out the window wistfully and pretending I’m actually in France. it was perfect and then they started playing FRANK SINATRA over the speakers. could it have gotten any better? I THINK NOT!


GO TO LUNCH ALONE: so this isn’t that big of a deal for me but for some reason i was so nervous and was shaking and anxious but i thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. also, if anyone wants my Costa Vida order, I always get a grilled chicken burrito (i ask for extra chicken too) with rice and refried beans and that’s it!

And that concludes the recap, until next month!

xx Lane


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