Another month, another recap.

This month, I didn’t do a lot off my list because I almost drowned in work and social engagements but I did some fun ones!

march recap 1

VISIT THE BF AT SCHOOL: So as you may know the whole purpose of this list is to keep me busy and a way to make myself try new things (I’m pretty introverted most of the time and I’m a homebody) while my boyfriend and I are long distance and this is probably one of the bigger things on my list. You might think is so lame but I hadn’t driven a long distance by myself before, I had with my parents but this trip was all me. I was feeling pretty good about it until around 4am of the morning I was leaving, that’s when my brain started replaying all the car crash scenes from all the videos they show you in Drivers Ed. I became really really nervous and contemplated not going (seriously) but I made some snacks, sucked it up and went. Not only did I enjoy being with my boyfriend for the day, having him show me all around his school, and seeing him in his element a little BUT I loved the drive. From previous recaps I’m sure you can tell that I love long drives and the drive to his school and back ended up being no big deal and a lot of fun. Also, I left before sunrise to get there and left before sunset to get back home so I was able to watch the sun rise and set and that was so beautiful.

march recap 2

He’s the best, can’t wait to go back and visit him.

march recap 4

TRY ON FANCY DRESSES FOR NO REASON: I had this on my list and sort of laughed about it and thought I wouldn’t get around to doing it but I enlisted my bff to go with me and we had a BALL, pun intended πŸ˜‰ We tried on several dresses and laughed and twirled all afternoon. We were both saying we wished balls still existed or something, I think adult prom should be a thing haha! I’d recommend doing this to anyone, so much fun!

march recap 3.JPG

This was my favorite dress I tried on, it’s this gorgeous Adrianna Papell dress.

I feel like I did way more off the list than this, but here it is! Looking forward to another month.

xx Lane


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