Here I am with another recap and I really contemplated not writing about the month of April at all because I only did one thing on my list. I sort of feel like I’m failing my list haha. BUT the month of April was my month to figure out what exactly my future plans are or at least pray about them and research what I can. (Oooooooh fun post about this coming in the future πŸ˜‰ ) It was a good and busy month for me, but it just so happens the one thing I checked off has to do with blogging and I hope to do more in the future so this may be a reoccurring item in future recaps!

Jeans from Zara, shoes are Keds and linked in last post and sweater from H&M.

TRY SOMETHING NEW IN FASHION: I JUST blogged about this, but it’s not easy for me to branch out and try something totally and completely out of my comfort zone (hence the bucket list) but I did. I styled, photographed, blogged, and fell in love with mom jeans. I seriously love this pair and can’t wait to wear them more.

And that’s it my readers!

Here’s January’s recap, February’s, and March’s if you need to catch up!

xx Lane


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