BEHOLD A PALE GHOST! Just kidding. It’s just my extremely pale hand!

As most of you probably know…I’m a little obsessed with skincare, okay I’m way more than a little. I loooove it. I love to try new stuff out and figuring out what the next go-to of mine will be. Recently my skin has been allll out of whack because 1, Easter time means eating Cadbury Mini Eggs from valentines day until the day after Easter (they are seriously my weakness) and 2, I ran out of moisturizer so I thought, key word thought I could go a week without moisturizing HAHA LOL @ ME because my face sure couldn’t. So basically I’m breaking out, which is lovely…NOT, and my skin is super dry.

So I popped into Sephora (because HELLO you get beauty insider points!) and got this First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Lotion, I had tried a sample of the Ultra Repair Crème and REALLY liked it but they were out of stock and I was desperate so I grabbed the lotion. Luckily, I am really liking the lotion. It is a bit lighter than the crème but I think it’s just as good, it’ll be nice as we’re going into the warmer months to have a lighter moisturizer anyways, a little bit goes a long way! So far I highly recommend and I can’t wait to try some more of FAB’s products!

hope you enjoyed!

xx Lane