I’m not much of a DIY or craft person but washi tape is sooo cute and it’s so easy to use. I can tell the washi tape section of Target is going to become very dangerous now that I’ve discovered how amazing it is. I have to tell myself “DeLaney do you want a car or 34954395703 rolls of washi tape?”. The struggle is so very real people!!

Anyways, my boyfriend’s birthday is this week and I got a “girly” card according to my mom so I got “boy” (it’s not even boy?!) washi tape and tried to do something “manly” to it. I just ripped off pieces of different lengths, put them how I wanted on the envelope, and drew the rest of the candle to spice up the front of the envelope instead of just writing his name.

Super easy. Super cute.

I don’t know if he thought it was cute, but I was very proud of myself. He was about to open the envelope I was like “DID YOU SEE THE FRONT??!!” hahaha. Normally I don’t like or do anything that has to do with crafts or being creative in the DIY spectrum, I mean I still can’t stay inside the lines while coloring. I had a little boy tell me that I was actually a boy because I can’t stay inside the lines…a little boy. I know. Whatever.


xo DeLaney

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