Hello there!

Because today is Friday I would normally posting a “FRIDAY FAVS” but I am sick right now and it takes so much time and energy to create my layout and talk about what each favorite is and why it’s my favorite. So here I am with a post, but not a favorites.



So this week I got an iPhone! I know, I know. So exciting! Anyways, I bought this monogrammed decal from PineappleProper before I even got the phone because some of my siblings were getting the same phone as me and I didn’t want my charger to get mixed up with others or have it become a communal phone charger (this has happened before, can we say #bigfamilyprobs?) and this was too cute to pass up for the price.  When in doubt put a sticker on it, right? Love it so I can keep track of which charging chord is mine. PineappleProper is an Etsy shop that sells basically all things monogrammed. I love having things with my monogram on it so I jumped at the opportunity to get this little guy.

I highly recommend this product and shop, a lot of the things would make excellent gifts for others…or yourself 😉

Hope you all enjoyed this little post, my apologies for not having a favorites post for you. Get excited for Monday though! I have a really really exciting post going up!

have a great weekend loves!


DeLaney Joy

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