I love public speaking.

That is something I never would have imagined I would EVER say.

Today we had our second speech in my speech class, it was a manuscript speech. I chose to take several speeches and excerpts and piece them together to focus on the theme of justice and liberty. I used Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I’ve Been to the Mountain Top“, an excerpt from his “I Have a Dream Speech“, the Pledge of Allegiance, and an excerpt from the Declaration of Independence. I wasn’t nervous this time really, I just knew that my speech was a little short from our required time. But, I got up there and I rocked it (in my opinion) I was so proud of myself for overcoming a fear and for putting so much emotion into it. I honestly got so passionate that I had to pause and tell myself to calm down hahahahaha. And I don’t think that anyone would expect me to ever speak on something like that. I found out a lot about myself through taking this class and I find that speaking about things that I care about and things that I am passionate about to others is something I really enjoy.

Long story short, two speeches down, two to go.

Oh so happy about so many things, my God is so good.

until next time




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