Hey y’all! Long time no post! I meant to have some pre planned posts up and ready for this past week but I just got really busy with family coming and the wedding!

Anyways, here I am sitting down and talking for a bit because 1 I MISS WRITING 2 WEDDING= PICTURES sooo…here’s one!

I’m the second one in from the bride..now my SISTER ❤ Yes, my eyes are shut *dramatic eye roll*, I assure you all that I will be posting more pictures with my eyes OPEN when we get the rest of them back 😉 Honestly everything about the wedding was so beautiful. I literally started tearing up when Canon in D started to play and we started walking out because if you know me that is one of my favorite songs and it moves me. Haha I just love music ok #musicmajor??? 😛 BACK TO THE WEDDING! Ah it was so much fun and seeing Hank and Renee and everyone so happy brought me joy and it was great seeing friends and family that live up in Seattle. I’m kinda dealing with post-wedding depression because it’s over and family is gone (please tell me I’m not the only one who gets this!) but I graduate first week of June so they’ll be back! Now I can’t wait for my wedding hahahhahaha.

Last week was so fun but I am so tired and feel like I could sleep for eight years or something ha! Also, I got a stye in my left eye last week and it was so painful for a few days that the left side of my face was sore to the touch! It was so weird. Also, I have finals this week in my college classes and so studying for my exam on ice cores is going to be sooo fun!!!! NOT. I am excited to get through this week and start the next quarter because I’m taking some fun classes with my friends and one of my favorite professors. Yes, I did wait to take a class so I could take it with a certain professor, not even kidding you.

It’s awesome to see how things in life unfold and work out. God is good.

until next time,

xx Lane

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