This summer I have been parked by my parents poolside and I have been reaching for the same products over and over again and they’re so good I needed to share here. I used to be the girl who would roll their eyes at the girl with the big pool bag, and now I’ve become that girl, naturally. The products I always have are, this adorable hat, sunscreen for my body, sunscreen for my face, a book (currently reading: Where the Crawdads Sings by Delia Owens), Slip silk hair ties, Goodr sunglasses, Zipfizz (all good stuff and it keeps me away from drinking something sugary), Native deodorant for when I get out of the pool, and some sort of perfume or oil, for when I’m out of the pool as well, lately I’ve been loving my Scentbird subscription, I love my white Birkenstocks for quick slide-on shoes, and my Enso ring so I don’t lose or damage my engagement and wedding ring. I don’t find I need much else and I stay as hydrated as possible! What do you take to the pool, on a boat, to the beach, etc.?

Thanks for stopping by Nine of 10 today!

xx Laney

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