When it comes to cooking I don’t measure things very often and I find that creates wiggle room to add, take away, and experiment, so that explains the lack of specific quantities listed here. All you need for this is a can of tuna, avocado mayo, mustard, pickles, half a bell pepper, a stalk or two of celery, half an avocado, and any other vegetable you want to throw into the mix! Combine desired amount of condiments and cut/cubed vegetables with an entire can of tuna, then add seasonings to your liking, I add Celtic Sea Salt, dill weed, and some garlic powder, make sure to mix well, and et voilà! You can serve your tuna salad on bread, lettuce, dip with crackers, or add cut lettuce and make it a true salad!

One of the easiest and healthiest recipes to recreate!

Let me know if you recreate this recipe and what you’ve added, thanks for reading!

xx Laney

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