Hello friends! I’ve been gone all week, school has been keeping me pretty busy this week and then you add my job to the mix and it’s madness. Ah and all this week it’s been long nights doing school or dealing with personal stuff. It’s quite SNFOSHFOSLKFNOIHVSJPSFHLN. Yup. That’s how I feel about life right now. BUT some awesome things have come about!

I finished my communications class yesterday! AH! I can’t believe it’s already over!! You’re probably wondering if I failed the class or not…well I don’t know yet, we don’t get our final grades for like two more weeks, but I do know that I got 100% on my first speech about none other than blogging! I love speaking now…like you have noooo idea.

ALSO, my brother and his girlfriend of five years got engaged on Saturday!! He proposed at the Space Needle. I know so romantic! Annddd guess what? I’m a bridesmaid! Renee asked me in the cutest way to be one, so incredibly excited for the wedding! I keep having to be like “chill DeLaney, you’re not the one getting married here” hahahahaha!

WOW I just belted that out, I have to go to work now, hope you enjoyed!

have a wonderful weekend!

x DeLaney


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