I bought this mask and it’s now my ALL time favorite facemask so I thought that I should probably blog about it hah!

This is the Mask of Magnanimity from LUSH, it’s all natural, full of peppermint, kaolin, and aduki beans. I am the kind of person that if I cannot see a product for my face working or results fairly quickly, I don’t like it, and this totally lives up to what it says it does. This has the aduki beans in the mask it can be a little difficult to spread but a little goes a long way, and because of the peppermint it’s very cooling and “breezy” if that makes sense 😉 AH! Y’all just need to try it out because this is the perfect mask. ALSO I’m very impressed with the price of this mask for the quality. Can’t wait to try more products from LUSH!

If any of you have tried anything from LUSH that you really like let me know in the comments! 🙂

xx Lane

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