Hello everyone!

So a little bit ago I posted a pamper routine and I said that since switching over to all natural products I have not found a face mask that I really liked and saw results with, BUT then I found THIS mask. Muddy Body has three different masks, I chose the Detox to try first because, uh hello who doesn’t want to get rid of all the build up and gunk on your skin and in your pores? There is activated charcoal in the mask and it works like a magnet to get rid of all the toxins WHILE the other ingredients lock in moisture and help you achieve a beautiful glow. My biggest thing is that I don’t products that will dry my skin out because I really struggle with dry skin, and I was pleasantly surprised at how refreshed, clean, and moisturized my skin felt after using this.

If you are looking for a last minute gift for someone in your life or stocking stuffers or anything like that, this would make the perfect gift! I also recommend getting the application brush for super easy application and you don’t get your hands dirty or waste any product!

hope you enjoyed,

xx Lane

Thank you to Muddy Body for collaborating with me on this post. However, I am not being paid to talk about this mask or company. I only recommend products I have used and stand behind.

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