I cannot imagine life without chocolate. I’m a chocoholic. However, eating chocolate all the time isn’t healthy and because I’m trying my best to be completely dairy free (fell off the healthy wagon and I’m back on it people) so that means the chocolate I can eat is limited. I find myself craving rich, dark, savory chocolate and these brownie balls are just that, as well as being dairy free and healthy! For my chocolate source I use cacao. Cacao comes from cacao beans and it’s chalk full of antioxidants and the benefits are basically endless, if you want to know some more exact facts look here. And before anyone asks, no, cocoa powder is NOT the same as cacao powder. Cocoa powder has been processed and roasted at high temperatures so the health benefits are not there, but as always do your own research and decide what’s best for you! My favorite brand of cacao is Navitas Organics, I’ve tried several brands and this is definitely the most cost effective option for me! Instead of blabbing on I’ll get into the recipe now!

to make 6-8 brownie balls you’ll need

12 dates, I cut them in half to make it easier to blend

1/3 cup of cacao

a spoonful of vanilla, literally just a spoonful

and a glob of honey

Add the dates, cacao, and vanilla together into a food processor and blend. Blend until it looks like everything is mixed together and then add honey a little bit at a time, when the ingredients form into one big ball that’s when you know it’s done and ready to be rolled. I promise it will make sense when you make them haha, you may also choose to add some mint or coffee to flavor the balls. Then simply roll into balls and store for snacks throughout the week! You may also choose to roll the balls into chopped up nuts to add some crunch or roll them into some cacao powder to coat them. I don’t refrigerate them but it’s up to you!

And that’s it! Definitely worth a try (I’m addicted), let me know if you try this out and tell me how you liked it!

DeLaney Joy







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