Let’s talk toners.

Basically toners are supposed to bring the pH level back to the skin after cleansing. I’ve tried a lot and loved each and every one of them for different reasons but with switching my beauty products to natural products (you can read allll about that here and here anddd here) I wanted to find a toner that was completely 110% natural. I looked around and there were toners that were natural but were outrageously priced for how simple the ingredients were so I thought “hey! why not buy  _____  and pour it into a bottle and call it good?” so that’s exactly what I did.

Pretty genius if you ask me.

I bought Thayer’s Witch Hazel with Rose Petal at my local health food store and I was seriously giddy about it. I was excited to discover that I can be pretty thrifty and was excited to write about it haha!

I like to use my toner at night using a spray bottle and I will spritz the toner on my face (so refreshing!) or I will douse a cotton pad and apply it that way. I LOVE this toner and I have already noticed a difference in my skin.

That’s pretty much it for this post, super simple, super clean and natural.

if you try this out remember to do your research!

hope you enjoyed!

xx Lane


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