jeans | shirt (similar here and here) | shoes 

In an effort to redo my wardrobe one of the very first things to replace/add was white sneakers. I have white Converse but I’ve had them since 8th grade so you can imagine how white they are now (they aren’t white at all.) I love converse, so I was just going to repurchase the white ones but I saw this pair on Merrick from Merrick’s Art (one of my absolute favorite bloggers) and really liked them…and now I want to buy like four more pairs because they’re that cute and that comfortable! Every time I wear them I always find myself never wanting to take them off. You know you’re winning the sneaker game when you want to wear them all the time and with everything haha!

Hope you enjoyed this little style post, I’m not a crazy fashionable person and I really just stick to basics but I’m trying to transition out of the grub life and elevate my style lately, stay tuned for more fashion posts!

xx Laney

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