Happy Friday everyone! Last week I went to Leavenworth, WA with my mom, my boyfriend, and his mom. I wanted to share some yummy places we ate at in Leavenworth and along the way!


On the way to Leavenworth we stopped for lunch at a place called Anjou Bakery in Cashmere. It’s a little (and incredibly adorable) European bakery, I had the albacore tuna baguette for lunch and got the chocolate raspberry cake to share. Everybody got a baked good and we all taste tested! Definitely worth stopping by and trying if you’re in the area!

For dinner that night we ate at The Alley Cafe in Leavenworth (didn’t take a picture of my food but I had the Seafood Fettuccine Alfredo, it was LOADED with seafood and it was delicious) and then we headed to the Ski Hill Amphitheater to see The Sound of Music. Which was AMAZING, it’s was almost as good as the movie and that’s a huge claim! The location, acting, and everything about it was awesome! It’s definitely a must see!


Everyone else on the trip are coffee drinkers so that was our first stop the next morning and the receptionist at our hotel said J5 coffee is the place to get coffee in Leavenworth. And while I don’t normally drink coffee I treated myself to an iced coffee, I’m a caramel macchiato girl (with a milk alternative, of course) and honestly this was the best caramel macchiato I’ve ever had!


For lunch we went to a place called Sulla Vita and you definitely need to try this place! We were seated outside and I was so comfortable and I loved the atmosphere, food, and of course, the company!

And our last food stop was at Cupcake Blues, because we all know I have a thing for cupcakes. This little shop was SO CUTE! I got the peanut butter chocolate and it was delicious!

Unfortunately, this is the end of my little food journey through Leavenworth. I want to go back and eat all day haha! I hope you found some good recommendations and enjoyed this!

xx Laney

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