DAO LABS- Chinese Herbal Formulas

I’m here to tell y’all about a product line I have been trying out for the last few months and to give my honest thoughts on the products. This company is called DAO Labs, they have created herbal formulas that are natural effervescent powders to help soothe, bring healing, and balance to an array of issues many people struggle with through the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine. Their line includes powders for digestive harmony, immunity support, women’s formula, and emotional balance. Also, the convenience of these powders you really can’t beat, as you can see from the pictures they come in (beautifully, packaging does matter haha!) labeled individual packets and you only have to mix them with water and voilà! You have your herbal blend.

I have tried and tested each formula multiple times so I can give you an informed review, I have a lot to say so let’s get into it!


This powder is for bloating, indigestion, an upset stomach, and acid reflux. My thoughts…GOOD! I tried it in both hot and cold water several times each (I did this with every flavor) and I didn’t have a preference on how to drink it, I enjoyed it both ways! I actually like the flavor and I definitely noticed that this powder made things start to move and digest. As someone that is lactose intolerant my stomach can be wildly sensitive at times and this product has been ah-mazing for my tummy in those moments!


Immunity support is for cold season, environmental changes, airplane travel, pollen season, and for when you are around large groups of people. This was a life saver for me, when I felt a sore throat coming on or anything I would take one of these and would feel good as new the next day. I was kind of amazed at the change I saw, this stuff works! I would recommend it hot, not in boiling water but hot, it was a little harder for me to drink if it was cold.


As you can guess by the title of this powder it’s for women to help with energy, pain, cramping, irregularity, etc. for that time of the month. Maybe this is TMI but I did say this would be an honest review so here goes. I didn’t think this product would do much for me and it didn’t the first cycle I was taking as directed BUT the second cycle YOU GUYS!!!! My cramps weren’t near as bad, I took ZERO painkillers and didn’t use my rice bag either. Obviously there was still discomfort because hello, a period is still a period but I can honestly say that this product worked for me in helping to alleviate cramping and my energy levels weren’t in the trash either. I preferred this flavor cold actually, it was easier to drink cold with the flavor it has.

and last but certainly not least, EMOTIONAL BALANCE:

Emotional Balance is for anxiety, stress, fatigue, PMS emotions, irritability, etc. This flavor was actually one that I loved hot or cold equally, it tastes cinnamon-y, cucumber-y, and apple-y. Similar to the Women’s Formula I did notice that this took two cycles for me to see a difference. They have an option to buy the Emotional Balance and Women’s formula in a package together so you can have a happy month, which I think is genius. I really enjoyed this one and would drink it just for the flavor.

And there you have it! My review of DAO Labs, check out their website to see their products and mission. You can access the ingredients to all of these and learn about the sustainable farms their ingredients come from and their testing processes. It’s very informative and interesting, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out, I’d love to help any way I can. I would strongly encourage you to read the reviews, ingredient list and educate yourself.

I would like to thank DAO Labs for collaborating with me on this post, it was such a pleasure to work with them.

Make sure to check out my Instagram page for a giveaway where you can enter for a chance to win some of these products!

xx Lane

Disclaimer: I was gifted these products, which I have to give another huge “Thank You!” to DAO Labs for, but as I mentioned earlier I tried each powder over the course of several months to give each of you reading this an honest review. Also, I am not a doctor and cannot prescribe anything to any of you, your health lies in your hands and you decide what to do with it so talk to your doctor, research, and review things!





2 thoughts on “DAO LABS- Chinese Herbal Formulas

    1. Of course! I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I’m actually doing a giveaway with DAO Labs on my instagram, I have a widget on the side of the screen and you can enter on the picture of their products to win a one month supply of formula if you want!
      Thank you for stopping by Maggie 🙂


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