I’m back and here to share why I wear one pieces along with a few of my swimsuit picks. AND I asked my BFF, Tay for some insight on her one piece and some suits on her wish list.

So why do I choose one pieces? I was raised wearing one pieces and was taught about modesty so that’s what I’ve worn my whole life. Then after I graduated high school I went on a weekend beach trip and like the big girl I thought I was I bought a bikini and wore it and felt uncomfortable the entire time. After that, I vowed never again would I wear a bikini unless I was tanning. So I began my search for that perfect, classic one piece that I could wear again and again that wasn’t going to lose shape or go out of style THEN I found this Albion Fit suit (wearing a small) last year and bought it and I absolutely love it. It has adorable details and you cannot go wrong with a black suit. I choose to wear them because I feel confident and comfortable. It helps that one pieces are really in style right now so the choices are basically endless! I really like this ruffle wine suit, this yellow and navy suit (also one shoulder!!), a grey one (of course I want a grey swim suit hahaha), and this ADORABLE blue suit, I’ve never seen a suit like this and this would look so good on any body type!

Now I’ve asked Tay to shed some light on this topic…

One pieces are hard to find, but I have a long torso, so unfortunately they’re really hard for me to find. Luckily I was able to find one that came in more than one length, and I’m so glad I did. American Eagle offers swimwear in varying coverage and lengths for long torsos. I love the three colors offered (I’d buy all three if I could) and the price was easily affordable for a broke college student like me. Along with that, I especially love the back of this suit. It’s fun but modest, and flattering on any figure. You can’t help but feel cute in this suit. I wore a medium.

I also really loved these two suits.  I don’t know how these fit for varying torso lengths, so I would recommend reading the reviews and comparing measurements before buying them. I’ve never purchased anything from Cupshe, but from the looks of it, their suits are cute and affordable. I really liked this striped one because of the scoop neck and I’m currently loving stripes. Especially these, they feel vintage but not outdated. The next suit I chose was from Albion Fit. All of their suits are adorable, but staying true to the stripe theme, I picked this one. I also love the silhouette of this suit. It’s classic and timeless, but it stays modern with a drop back.

summer 7

summer 3

summer 5

summer 2

summer 4

summer 8

black one piece | navy one piece (comes in three colors!)| black sunglasses

There you have it!

Lane and Tay signing off




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