I was introduced to what human trafficking was when I was in sixth grade. My family went through the SOLD experience when it came to our church, shocked doesn’t begin to describe how I felt walking from room to room learning that there were girls and boys being sold as sex slaves. Fast forward about eight years, I was volunteering at my church as a middle school leader and we had to attend a workshop on knowing the signs of kids being trafficked, the different types trafficking, and the average number of kids being trafficked on any given night in my own city. I felt sick to my stomach, learning about trafficking feels like a punch to the stomach, it’s hard to wrap your head around the evil, the number of kids being subjected to modern day slavery, forced to perform unspeakable acts daily. This isn’t a far off problem. This is happening now, in your neighborhood, on every social media app practically. I have been very aware of the exploitation of humans, particularly children, through sex trafficking and today is World Day Against Human Trafficking, I felt is was important to share resources and make my platform, regardless of the size, a springboard for your own education on this and tangible ways you can get involved in this fight. Below I have organizations, documentaries, and shops to learn and support the efforts of people who have dedicated their lives to ending human trafficking. I have also created a highlight on my Instagram with more resources.


Shops that Support Survivors/Warriors, Rescue Efforts, ETC



Podcasts & YouTube Videos

I am by no means an expert or authority on this topic, I am just incredibly passionate about this topic. I have created this post to be a resource for others and maybe even a starting point if this is something you have just been introduced to. If you have any additional resources, books, etc. that I should look into and add to this, don’t hesitate to comment!

“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute.” Proverbs 31:8

Thank you for visiting Nine of 10 today.


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