2020 somehow is over and we’re onto a new year and before too much of January got away I wanted to share some of my goals for the year, I’d love if you’d share some of yours below, big or small!

Simplify social media. In other words, delete a lot of it. I’m trying to be really conscious of time spent on my phone and that I’m using it to enhance my life or business, so that means several of my accounts are being deleted, which may be why you’re here!

Adopting “mise en place.” Which means, “everything has a place.” NO, I am not a minimalist, I know I have things in my closet as you read this that should be consigned, so don’t expect Marie Kondo DeLaney from this 😂. However, I am trying to be conscious of what me and my Husband bring into our home and each item having a real use and a place instead of things being stuffed into bins and closets. If not, no hard feelings and someone else can find a use for it.

Write more. Which is just one of the many, many reasons why I’m back to blogging. Not only do I have an innate need to share my favorite random products and I need an outlet because, well, my poor husband 😂, but writing has almost always been a hobby, I’ve written so many things that will never see the light of day and typing is so therapeutic. I really write and blog for myself and because it’s so much fun for me. I appreciate all of you for reading and commenting along the way!

Send snail mail. No one ever does this hardly and it makes me so sad, stationary is beautiful and receiving a hand written card or note just saying “hi!” is such a sweet thing that isn’t hardly done anymore. I want to be better about sending things just because and keeping in touch with family that way, technology is great, but it just isn’t the same.

Read. Pretty simple and probably everyone has this goal at the beginning of each new year. I’ve already been reading so much this month and it truly makes me so happy. Leave any book recommendations you have in the comments!

I have a few more and some personal and business ones that I’ll keep to myself, but I thought I’d share these ones to maybe give you an idea for yourself or encourage you if you have some of the same! This year, despite the craziness of this world, I’m choosing to focus on God’s promises and creating a life for my little family that reflect Christ in the everyday and is abundant with finding joy in the little things.

Thank you for reading,

xo DeLaney

3 thoughts on “GOALS & INTENTIONS FOR 2021

  1. Hi Delaney – loving that you are blogging again!! I have something to send you – do you mind sharing your address with me?

    Be radiant
    Psalms 34:5
    Holly Campbell

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