Hello friends!

So instead of talking for like 297593745 years about what this post is about, I’m just going to jump into it.

I am currently in the process of researching and switching all my products (makeup, body, hair, etc.) over to all natural/organic. I hadn’t really ever planned on doing that but over the course of around three months I have had the weirdest reactions to makeup and skincare products I was putting on my face and body. At first I just thought I would occasionally get something in my eyes and it would bug them but oh no no no. That was NOT it. After testing and trying different things I finally figured out that basically all the things I was using were irritating my eyes and skin. Like my eyes would water like crazy, my eyes would sting so bad I couldn’t see, and I had to wear sunglasses and close my eyes to go outside, sometimes it even hurt then. And my skin would get red, rashy, and would sting from the soaps and body washes I was using. Not fun. Anyways, it was painful and I realized I was allergic to just about everything that was not plant based, so I started obsessively researching (one of my fav things to do 😉 ) all natural and organic brands.

I didn’t really want to have to switch. I don’t want to give up Urban Decay. And I was building up my makeup collection and I had to go and throw away/ give away (what are moms and sisters for? 😛 ) everything. EVERYTHING PEOPLE. Now all I have is a new mascara, tinted moisturizer, and a bronzer. But the more and more I research and learn I get super excited about putting things on my face that don’t harm it and most of the time have awesome active ingredients. I wanted to share my story because soon I have lots of reviews on products I will be trying and also leave some helpful resources for anyone who is interested in becoming all natural too!

Some awesome brands:

1. 100 Percent Pure


3. Credo

4. Michael Todd (this is THE best skincare ever!)

5. Ecco Bella

6. Vitacost

7. Tarte Cosmetics

8. BareMinerals

9. Origins

10. Vegan Beauty Boutique

Hope this helps someone! Enjoy!

get ready for reviews and discoveries, cause a lot are coming at ya

xox DJ

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