Hello all!!

I keep wanting to say “happy Monday” but it’s not! Agh!! So happy Tuesday! Hope you all enjoyed your three day weekend!

Around a month ago I wrote this really long and informational blog post about how I had decided to go all natural and why I wanted to make the switch, you can read it here. I’m not here to retract that statement or anything, I am still slowly educating myself on the difference, the benefits, etcetera etcetera, switching my products and trying new things out.

However, in this whole process of switching over I am finding that what I want is for my products to be “clean” and don’t have to be 100% natural. Meaning that they are free of chemicals and all the other nasty additives that are not necessary. It makes a big difference to a lot of people who are ride or die 100% natural products but I don’t want it to be all or nothing, does this make any sense? You know when you have this great idea and you have to write it down or else you’ll forget it all, that’s kind of what this post is, so please bear with me.

Back to what I was saying. I want my lotions, body washes, etc. to be organic and all natural but I’m not as concerned about my makeup being all natural. I’m going to try out all natural makeup products and if they work for me I will be elated but if not then oh well. Basically long story short I want my makeup to be “clean” and if I read the ingredients I would know what each are, I’m not going to be as strict with my makeup as I am my body and skin care.

I feel like I keep repeating myself so now that I think I’ve said what I wanted to I’m gonna wrap this up.

 I will be keeping all you lovely viewers updated on products and things I learn because this is so educational for and I’ll be sure to share all that to help any of you out! I’m not even going to draft and edit this.

Thank you for reading my very raw and slightly confusing post!



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