Happy Friday y’all!!! Finally the weekend issss here and so is valentines…this post is for all of you who like to give baked goods to neighbors, your gals, your kids’ teachers for valentines or if you’re hosting a valentines party!

These are the easiest (and cutest) cupcakes to make. All you will need is a cupcake mix (ain’t nobody got time to make them from scratch), I used devils food here but red velvet or chocolate would work well with this buttercream, festive cupcake papers, cupcake toppers (I bought these ADORABLE shortbread hearts from the bakery at Fred Meyer), icing supplies, I used the Wilton 6B tip but the Wilton 1M would work just as well, AND last but not least the buttercream! #longestrunonsentenceever! I have tried so, so, so many buttercream recipes and this is by far the best. ps this is not a recipe created by me I got it from this awesome gal and I’m simply reposting it here for convenience!

1 cup butter, softened

3 cups powdered sugar

3 tablespoons whole milk (honestly, any kind of milk should work. ive used almond milk, 2%, and heavy cream and they’ve all worked)

2 teaspoons vanilla extract

you’re going to want to cream the butter until fluffy, stir in vanilla, and add the powdered sugar and milk then put into a piping bag and pipe!

tip: when adding the sugar and milk i like to pour in a cup of the powdered sugar then a tablespoon of milk and mix then repeat till all is mixed, does that make sense?!

tip no. 2: if you would like your frosting to be a lighter white rather than off white just beat the frosting for longer!

and that’s it! seriously so easy!

I hope you enjoyed and have a wonderful valentines day and let me know if you try out this buttercream!

xx Laney

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