It’s March, and while reflecting on the past two months of the year and what I have accomplished (or haven’t) I wanted to write a post to further reflect and encourage you not give up on your goals.

Apparently 90% of the population (or some big number like that) don’t follow through with their new years resolutions, which is incredibly sad to me. BUT I’m going to be checking in allll year long and gonna poke you. So really, how are your goals?

My three goals that I shared in my last goals post were to get up early and have dedicated quiet time, cut all dairy out, and create an actual workout regime.

I actually have been really good about getting up earlier and having that quiet time every morning, which I honestly have begun to crave because I enjoy the quiet of the morning and spending time in God’s word. I would like to get up a little sooner but I am pleased I have made this a habit.

Cutting all dairy out has been a huge win as well! I knew going into this year with this goal in mind I would have a few cheat days or things that I would eat (hellllloooo ski queen gjetost) so that being said, yes I have had dairy but only on special occasions and it has been less than five times. Since really concentrating on dairy I want to branch out a little and focus on eating whole foods and cutting out dairy free junk food with healthier alternatives, which not to toot my own horn I have gotten really good at saying no and not eating junk.

Okay, I’m kind of embarrassed about working out because I would work out consistently for a week and then take two weeks off and then that would happen again, you get the idea. I have found workouts that I really like and I plan on doing a full post on what kinds of workouts I really like and a ton more info! So I’m working on this one and not giving up!

Whew! That’s it! I would love it if my goal check-ups served as accountability and encouragement to someone else! Let me know how it’s going for you!

xx Laney



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