If you don’t know by now I’m all about the intentionality of personal style, I strive to create purpose in what I buy and wear.

This post is just like any of my recent style posts, I’m talking about some classics. That classic being florals, specifically floral sundresses. I’m convinced that there will never ever be a spring/summer season that floral dresses aren’t sold and worn by the masses. Basically floral printed dresses aren’t going anywhere. So whether it be a casual wedding, church, graduation, BBQ, etc., a flowy floral sundress is always appropriate.

If you have a floral dress with a timeless silhouette you can throw on a jeans jacket, biker jacket (if you’re feeling edgy), or a cardigan and a pair of wedges, sandals, or sneakers (my personal fav) and switch things up to create several looks to make your floral dress a classic staple in your closet.

I’ve linked a variety of floral dresses below for you to start the search for your floral dress.

san 8

sand 7

sand 5

sand 2

sand 4

floral maxi dress | navy floral | yellow floral | white tiered floral | light pink floral (LOVE THIS ONE) | red ruffle floral | wrap midi floral

xx Laney


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