I find myself at 19 years old scrolling through several apps, countless #OOTD posts, with many tabs open on Safari searching for things to define myself, my style, to create my trademark look. I constantly find myself shying away from what’s trendy i.e. mules, chokers, off the shoulder tops, etc. I don’t dislike every trend and they work for most people but I find myself drawn to a more classic silhouette, a tailored look, and that pushes the girly vibes with a little tomboy element. I don’t wear color like ever, and I like it like that. I’m swimming in a pool full of fashion and I’m trying to find my own style, which usually means I’m not swimming with everyone else.

In an attempt to experiment, push the envelope of [my] style, and try new things I’m documenting all those outfits and pieces I bring into my wardrobe on here. Lucky you! So here I am, sharing this outfit. The star of the show is these jeans which are not just regular jeans they are…da da daaaaunnn! Mom jeans!!! You heard me right! Mom jeans. Never did I ever think I’d like these LIKE EVER. However some ladies (Lisa & Emma) on Instagram totally changed my mind, they’ve been around for a long time and although they are trendy right now, if you get the right pair and style them with classics they then become a classic piece themselves!

Mom Jeans Seven

Mom Jeans Three

Mom Jeans Six

Mom Jeans Two


Other pairs of “mom jeans” I have my eyes on these levis and these other levis

Keds Kickstart Leather Sneaker • Keds • $39.97

Levi’s Levi’s 501 Skinny Jean – Can’t Touch This • Levi’s • $98

Slim-Fit V-Neck Tee for Women • Old Navy • $8

Keds(R) Triple Kick Platform Sneaker • Keds • $54.95

LEVI’S 501 Skinny. • Levi’s • $98

Levi’s Levi’s 501 Skinny Jean – Old Hangout • Levi’s • $59.99


      1. Once you go to mom jeans, you never go back, well I haven’t anyway (I have a bit of an obsession) :’) ❤


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