I’m sure you’re thinking “How can a pair of jeans change someones life? This is obviously an exaggeration or click bait or sponsored.” Well dear reader, if you were thinking that, you’re incorrect on three counts. Let me explain.

Two months ago I turned twenty years old and I thought to myself “What should I treat myself to for my birthday this year? A hydrafacial? A pair of heels?” I thought about it a long time and realized I really needed a great quality pair of jeans that could be a wardrobe workhorse. Now I’ve heard SO many bloggers say that Madewell has the best jeans ever, yada yada. I believed them but I thought that there was no way I’d ever spend that much money on jeans (lol @ myself bc here I am now.) I researched and browsed and I kept being led back to Madewell. I sort of reluctantly bought a pair (from Nordy of course because their CS and returns are so amazing) with high hopes that these would be my miracle pants and MY I SAY…miracle pants they are.

I’m so glad I took the leap of faith and invested in these jeans because now they’ve become the centerpiece of my closet and I can’t wait to gradually add more Madewell jeans into my collection. Investing is a big deal and a lot of consideration and research goes into it but it is part of me finding my own style and shaping my wardrobe. This has been such a fun journey for me and I can’t wait to share more!

madewell 4

madewell 3

madewell 6

madwell 9

jeans (size 25) | top | shoes

xx Laney


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